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Client Testimonials

Thinking About Working With Us? Here's What Our Clients Have To Say!

"Great new website Colley! It will do an excellent job of shining on your great work. We have appreciated T.G Colley's and especially Vania's work for years now. She and they have been a great help whether we're looking for fresh quotes, information to understand our insurance or help with a claim. All around amazing service. Keep up the great work! "

- Jim T.

"My wife and I have been very pleased with the service. When we have needed extra information we have had our answers quickly and without having to wait for the needed information. This type of service is what we have been looking for. Excellent service and we think the web-site is an extremely user friendly. "

- Jamie T.

"Blogging is a great way to stay connected to your clients. Although the Digital TGColley Insurance office is a wonderful idea, I do not have time for this unfortunately. The TG Colley agents are very professional in attending our concerns and it is quite satisfactory for my needs.Thank you."

- Anna L.

"Colley Insurance has always been timely, responsive and looking out for my best interests. I'd have to say they're nimble and in this day and age that's a great quality. Thomas Newby has always been an excellent representative for the company and provided me with superb and timely advice. I recommend Colley for their service, independence and best practices. Thanks! "

-Mary P.

"I am a new customer at Colley Insurance but have been very satisfied so far."

- Amanda B.

"have always got excellent support from Cassandra "

- Craig M.

"I started in 1992 with Colley, and they helped me deal with a direct hit by a tornado. Returning from Teeswater in 2012, I came back to Colley. I am quite pleased with Colley"

- Dorothy G.

"Congratulations on expanding your service to more online options. Anything which can be done online is convenient and time-saving, and is most welcome."

- Robin O.

"I am extremely happy with the service I have received from Vania and Colley Insurance. I have been a customer for over 40 years. "

-Robert T.

"We have our vehicle and home insurance with Colley insurance and have always had prompt efficient service from Lindsay when things come up even though we live in Mississauga (formerly Guelph) now. My adult son also stayed with Colley insurance when he was looking for his own car insurance."

-Debra S.

"Great bunch to work with and prices are very reasonable with the many discounts offered "

-Marie S.

"Colley Insurance has amazing friendly service. Amazed how fast I receive resolution to my inquires "

-Karen B.

"I have been a client for over 30 years and would recommend Colley Insurance to anyone looking for excellent, personalized service with great rates. Lindsay has always taken the time to understand my needs and find the right fit."

- Joanne N.

"Great rates and incredible fast and friendly service"

-Fernando P.

"The staff at integrisure have always treated me with respect and it's been a pleasure to deal with them for all my insurance needs"

- Bruce M.

"been with Integrisure for years great service and good rates"

- Roger S.

"We have been clients of Integrisure Group Insurance for 19 years. We have had a couple claims over those years and and Integrisure has stepped up both times and helped us through both times. Thank you and keep up the great work. Peter"

- Peter L.

"Excellent service and care taken. Claims are handled very efficiently and fairly. I highly recommend Integrisure."

- Mark B.

"Cassandra saved me over $50 a month on my auto insurance and then did the same fir my mother. I highly recommend Integrisure!"

- Kelly S.

"Sherry Holder provides excellent service & advice. I feel confident dealing with her.".

-Greg Long, Guelph

"I honestly was blown away by the service provided by both Cassandra (your office) and the people at Northbridge."

- Andrew MacIntyre, Fergus

"I want to let you know how happy I am with Lindsay and her excellent service."

- Reva Nelson, Toronto

"We've been with Colley Insurance for over 30 years and their rates and service have always been excellent."

- Barb & Steve R, Guelph

"Sherry Holder is extremely helpful and courteous. She is an excellent broker."

- Chris & Melissa Hollman, Cambridge

"I appreciate your proactive and professional approach. After all the years of working with you I always know that you think about the caveats and have our best interests in mind. Many people can and should learn from you! Many thanks." -about Kim Folkerson

- Serge Moraca, Meducom

"Robinson's has dealt with Colley Insurance for over 30 years now and they have always met our specific needs in a professional manner. This makes them easy to deal with and a true partner. We would highly recommend them to any business."

- Robinson Pontiac Buick

"Colley Insurance understands our business and works hard at finding us the best rates and most suitable packages. We appreciate the personal service and consistency of their staff. Our long standing relationship with them, spanning several decades, is a testament to our recommendation of Colley Insurance."

- Balnar Management

"Over the last two decades, Colley Insurance has provided Knar Jewellery with unparalleled service and support."

- Knar Jewellery

"We would recommend Colley Insurance to any organization without hesitation."

- Integrated Explorations Inc.

"We are happy to have Colley Insurance as a business partner."

- Flochem

"They (Colley Insurance) have been able to effectively meet our ever changing requirements, due to our rapid growth, in a professional manner."

- Teutech Industries Inc.

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